Andrea Denault, Candidate for US Vice President

Andrea Denault is a political activist who’s worked across the country for more than ten years. In 2018, she ran a landmark campaign for electoral reform, organizing the first city in America to adopt Approval Voting. After leading the historic victory in Fargo, she went on to help usher in a second win in St. Louis, spearhead similar efforts in Denver, and continues to work with electoral reform advocates throughout the U.S.

Hailing from North Dakota, Andrea is a Turtle Mountain Anishinaabekwe who was active in the occupation at Standing Rock during opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline. She’s a longtime advocate for the related intersecting issues and prioritizes economic justice, environmental policy, and antiracist work.

Andrea has led a wide variety of successful campaigns, from city council to the White House. She’s built broad coalitions for both political candidates and single-issue ballot initiatives, alike.  She has partnered with and volunteered for the ACLU, NAACP, AFL-CIO, DSA, LWV, and dozens of other advocacy groups.

As an Equal Vote Board Director, she’s lending her nonprofit leadership expertise and the lessons learned from previous campaigns. Her goal is to realize a democracy where all people believe there is a reason to vote and feel like the legitimate stakeholders they truly are.

Currently a political consultant, Andrea previously studied Journalism and Economics in Colorado, worked in marketing, and was a human rights lobbyist focused on LGBTQ, refugee, and Native American issues. She is a writer who enjoys cycling, comedy, armchair philosophy, and physics.