Blake Huber

Blake Huber was the 2020 Presidential Candidate. He has had an interest in politics almost all of his adult life. In high school he used to argue voluntaryist principles. He has been the state chair of an alternative political party and served on that party’s national committee. He’s been active in political campaigns since he was 17 years old. More recently Blake has become interested in election methods after the election that involved the alternative party candidate Ross Perot and more recently the alternative party candidate Ralph Nader. Currently Blake is working to promote an alternative voting method called approval voting (which he also calls satisfaction voting). He feels that people have a better ability to express themselves at the ballot box if they’re not limited to one single choice, a choice he calls VFOO (vote for one and only one). Blake has considered running for political office but feels his run might split the vote with an intellectual ally allowing the opposing/horrible candidate to win. Blake also looks forward to mentoring and helping other candidates get elected.