Bill Stevens, Approval Voting Party candidate for Governor of Colorado

I want to lead Colorado towards being Approval Voting centered and advocate for a caring community.  Vote for as many as you Approve and the most votes win.  

The cornerstone of the Approval Party platform is election reform.

My goal is to have an inclusive and diverse coalition to create a culture of constructive collaboration.  As with my many musical, educational, and performance ensembles over the years courtesy, cooperation, collaboration, and communication will be the cornerstone of my administration.  My philosophy for day-to-day human interaction is, as we live our average everyday non-emergency situations, no person has the right to be unkind.  

I am a Colorado native and lifelong music educator and performer.  

My Education: BME 1981, University of Denver and MA 1995, University of Colorado.  1 semester of Geology at Arapahoe Community College 2014, and 1 quarter in Astronomy Physics 2018 at the University of Denver.  

I am an Awarded Public music educator for 32 years.  

-Public Education Coalition Grant 1988

-Asian Advisory Council Award for student Performance 1991

-US Secretary of Education Fort Logan 2001 memorial

-Gold Star teacher 2004

I believe in and advocate for American entrepreneurs.  I’ve started many businesses including one of the first internet-based publishing businesses in 1996, cactus and succulent wholesale and retail in 2019, and music contracting and coordinating large group performances and educational seminars 1982-2014.  I’ve also worked as a drive time Radio broadcaster for KUVO 89.3 FM, 1985-1991.