Jan Kok, Candidate for Secretary of State of Colorado

Education: 1994 Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Additional coursework in electrical engineering. Self-taught in psephology (the study of elections and balloting).

Occupation: Software/Firmware/Electrical Engineer. I write the firmware that makes microcontroller-based devices do their thing.

Volunteer work:
– Cofounder of the Center for Range Voting, which is a website (rangevoting.org) that promotes the use of better voting methods in public elections.
– Edited the initial draft of CO State Rep. John Kefalis’ 2007 Voter Choice Act, which would have enabled the use of various alternative voting methods in Colorado elections.
– Member of the 2007 Voter Choice Task Force. The Task Force was organized by Rep. Kefalas and sponsored by the CO Secretary of State’s office, to study alternative voting methods and make recommendations to the state legislature. This led to the adoption of the Voter Choice Act in 2008, which allows the use of some alternative voting methods in municipal elections.
– Cofounder and Vice Chair (2010-2013) of The Center for Election Science (electionscience.org). This is the main organization promoting the use of Approval Voting in US elections. It worked closely with local groups to get Approval Voting adopted in Fargo, ND and St. Louis, MO city elections.
– Approval Voting Party candidate for US Representative (CD-1, 2020), running against incumbent Diana DeGette. Received 1441 votes (thank you!) with total campaign expenditure of about $5.

Why I am running: To raise awareness of Approval Voting and the benefits it can bring to elections.